The recommended retail price of ‘The Workings of Organised Crime’ is £20.  It should be available through any independent bookshop who access the Nielsen book data service.  It appears that Waterstones use their own book sourcing facilities outside of traditional distribution systems.  As they have not asked us for any copies of Mr Dickety’s book it is not available through their shops.

We have done our best to make our book available through W H Smith but to no avail.

In our instance as a small publisher we understand WH Smith  use the services of Gardners Books.  We ourselves ordered it from our local branch in January 2013 and it was with them for collection by the customer on their next weekly book delivery day.  However for that to happen we had to persuade the store manageress to disregard her instructions from head office that the book is not readily available.  At that time our publication was showing a four week delivery delay on the WH Smith website.  We asked for it to be changed to a week.  WH Smith then removed it from their website entirely.  We corresponded with them about it.  We were told that the book was not being included in the computer stock feed from Gardners and therefore there was nothing WH Smith could do about them not showing it as available.  We went to Gardners.

Gardners agreed that the book is fully available.  However they said they find that some of their customers, in which they presumably include WH Smith, only list titles that Gardners physically have in stock.  We offered to provide a stock for them.  They said they did not want any.

WH Smith have said non-availabilty of our book in their shops is Gardners’ fault.  Gardners say the decision not to list is WH Smith’s alone.  Not a very satisfactory way, it seems to us, for two apparently respectable companies to be going on.  If we are able to convincingly show at a later date that we have suffered financially as a result of their decisions we shall sue them jointly.  If you have tried to buy our book at a branch of WH Smith and been been told they cannot get hold of it, please would you let us know.

Nevertheless single copies can be bought direct from us for £16 including post and packing for United Kingdom addresses.  Delivery to Europe is £20 and elsewhere abroad £29. Please ask for a quote for larger quantities .

Orders can also be made by post to P O Box 457, Gravesend, Kent, DA12 9JT . Please enclose a cheque made payable to Kites Business Services Ltd.

Payment by debit card or BACS should be made direct to the account of Kites Business Services Ltd, sort code 08-92-99, account no 69580309.  If using this method please also send you order  by email to orders@thepoweroftruth.co.uk or kitesbusiness@btconnect.com .   Don’t forget to advise us of your delivery address in your email.

If you wish to pay by credit card or have a Paypal account you can use the facility below.

Dispatch on all orders will be made within ten working days once we have received your payment to our account. We will inform you when your order has been dispatched.

The book is also available in Kindle eBook format from the Amazon website using this link. The Kindle price is œ8.  Kites Business Services also sell the hardback version of the book on the Amazon website for the price of £17 plus Amazon’s standard postage charge.





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