One day in 2012 when walking over the Millenium Bridge in London Mr Dickety was handed a small booklet entitled The Truth about Drugs.

It’s publisher is the Foundation for a Drug-Free World and we feel it contains some useful factual information about drugs and alcohol, and their effects.

For those interested in the subject the organisation’s website is


Mr Dickety sent a copy of his 1st March notes to the Head of Research at the Transform Drug Policy Foundation.  Their website address is


The campaigning group Avaaz is mentioned in Mr Dickety’s book.  Their website can be found out at  Please click petition and sign my campaign on Avaaz asking for as many people as possible to have knowledge of how criminals operate in our world.


By chance Mr Dickety heard Janet Thomson as a guest on the Radio 2 show Steve Wright in the Afternoon on 12th February 2013.  Ms Thomson specialises in thinking techniques to gain positivity and help in long term weight loss.  Her website is  .